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SewerShark's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 109 (From 24 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 1,580 Points

Alice is Dead - Ep 2

Hatter, Mad Unlocked 1/22/10
25 Points
The Hatter seems Madder.
Happy Hatter 25 Points You must have left a positive impression on the hatter.
Something Fishy 100 Points Escape Jail and Trigger the Strange Device.
Clam Sham Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 1/4 (25/200 points)

Armor Mayhem

First Blood Unlocked 2/1/11
5 Points
Kill 1 Soldier
Once upon a time Unlocked 2/1/11
5 Points
Complete the first mission
Acupuncture 5 Points Unlock the Dart Gun
Amateur killer 5 Points Kill 100 Soldiers
Apprentice Killer 5 Points Kill 30 Soldiers
Death from the sky 5 Points Score a double kill with the Ion Cannon equipped
Delivery 5 Points Capture 15 flags
Give it back 5 Points Kill 5 soldiers holding a flag
Gold Digger 5 Points Earn 1000$
Kaboom 5 Points Unlock the Rocket Launcher
Master Blaster 5 Points Unlock the Plasma Gun
Ninja 5 Points Catch a flag in the air
Ouch 5 Points Get killed by the map
Piggy Bank 5 Points Earn 100$
Rocket Rain 5 Points Unlock the Automatic Rocket Launcher
Seek and Destroy 5 Points Score a double kill with the Auto. Rocket Launcher equipped
Super Virus 5 Points Win a mission in Overdrive mode
Third time is the best 5 Points Score a Triple Kill
What time is it? 5 Points Unlock the Slow Bubble Gun
Will you ever learn? 5 Points Get killed by the map 10 times
All your base are belong to us 10 Points Control all the control points in a mission at once
Expert killer 10 Points Kill 200 Soldiers
Ion Blaster 10 Points Unlock the Ion Cannon
Keep going 10 Points Complete 50% of the missions
Mad Dough 10 Points Earn 3000$
Suit up! 10 Points Unlock all the armor styles
Weapon Master 10 Points Unlock all the weapons
Complete 25 Points Complete all the missions
Master killer 25 Points Kill 500 Soldiers
Godly killer 50 Points Kill 1000 Soldiers

Medals Earned: 2/30 (10/270 points)


01 Unlocked 7/23/10
10 Points
Activate both cores of Planet I.
10 10 Points Activate both cores of Planet II.
11 50 Points Activate all four cores and reconnect the data beam.

Medals Earned: 1/3 (10/70 points)

Burrito Bison

25 Points
Get a perfect launch 10 times.
OUTLAW! Unlocked 3/1/11
25 Points
Squash 100 police officers.
50 Points
Escape Candy Land and return to the Supermarket.
50 Points
Go through the arena without touching the ground.
SWEET IMPACT! Unlocked 3/1/11
50 Points
Reach past the sky's limit!
BUFFED OUT! 100 Points Upgrade everything to the max!
MIX THE FLAVOURS! 100 Points Get at least 1 of each special gummy in a single run.
PANTS ON FIRE! 100 Points Attain a very high speed.

Medals Earned: 5/8 (200/500 points)

FPA: Sneak Peek

A tiny trial Unlocked 3/2/11
5 Points
Score under 400 on the Squiggleville MicroTrial.
An awesome trial 25 Points Score under 280 on the Squiggleville MicroTrial.
For Science! 25 Points Beat the sciencey challenge room.
Challenge Accepted! 50 Points Destroy all expectations and get over a million points!

Medals Earned: 1/4 (5/105 points)

Gearlock: Episode 1

Survivor Unlocked 10/22/10
25 Points
You survived being shot down in the woods, grats!

Medals Earned: 1/1 (25/25 points)

Glass Fish Rhythm

Level Won Unlocked 12/9/10
50 Points
Beat level one.
Beginning of the End 50 Points Make it to the evil wizard.
Hero 50 Points Beat the game!
Level Too 50 Points Beat level two!
Achievements Achieved 100 Points Get all the in-game achievements!

Medals Earned: 1/5 (50/300 points)

Gretel and Hansel

Baby Steps Unlocked 10/16/10
5 Points
Make Gretel walk for the first time.
Slingshot Breakfast Unlocked 10/16/10
5 Points
Obtain the slingshot
Bitch Slap Unlocked 10/16/10
10 Points
Shoot mom in the face
Time is Running Out Unlocked 10/16/10
10 Points
Get the clock
Kain Unlocked 10/16/10
25 Points
Kill Hansel
Pest Removal Unlocked 10/16/10
25 Points
Trap the squirrel
Get Stoned Unlocked 10/16/10
50 Points
Get all 10 stones
Pop, Rock and Drop It Unlocked 10/16/10
50 Points
Drop all ten stones
Honey Horror 10 Points Get Bee Death
Sucked Dry 10 Points Get Spider Death
Electra Complex 25 Points Get Dad Carriage Death
Gretel Unit 25 Points Take 200 shots with the slingshot
Here is Mommy! 25 Points Get Axe Death
Kiss That Cyuke 25 Points Get Rabbit Death
Pecking Order 25 Points Get Crow Death
The Flamer 25 Points Get Fire Death
Clockspert 50 Points Solve clock puzzle
Grimm Master 100 Points Get all 10 deaths

Medals Earned: 8/18 (180/500 points)

Gretel and Hansel Part 2

Bad Doggy Unlocked 10/22/10
5 Points
Race the wolf... and lose
Between a Rock and a Hard Rock Unlocked 10/22/10
5 Points
Get crushed
Birdie Unlocked 10/22/10
5 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Free Bird Unlocked 10/22/10
5 Points
Teach hansel how to fly
Frosty Impaler Unlocked 10/22/10
5 Points
Be too greedy
Got Wood? Unlocked 10/21/10
5 Points
Suffer the stickman's wrath
Gut Busting Unlocked 10/22/10
5 Points
Step on the trap
Metal Meal Unlocked 10/22/10
5 Points
Get Hansel to eat the scissors
Revenge Unlocked 10/22/10
5 Points
Beat a dead horse
Saviour Unlocked 10/21/10
5 Points
Keep both dinner guests alive
Sensory Overload Unlocked 10/22/10
5 Points
Reveal the bridge
Slayer Unlocked 10/22/10
5 Points
Slay the beast
Sorceress Unlocked 10/21/10
5 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Spiked Unlocked 10/22/10
5 Points
Get the pit death
Ssssssurprise! Unlocked 10/22/10
5 Points
Try and cross the swamp without Hansel
Swan Dive Unlocked 10/22/10
5 Points
Go for a swim
Weather Master Unlocked 10/22/10
5 Points
Solve the weather puzzle
Where's My Arm? Unlocked 10/22/10
5 Points
Pet the teddy
A Trusty Hat Unlocked 10/22/10
10 Points
Give Rufus back his hat
A Woman's Tears Unlocked 10/22/10
10 Points
Free Emma
Till Part 3... Unlocked 10/22/10
10 Points
Complete the game
Big Brother 5 Points Rescue Gretel
Here Doggy! 5 Points Give a dog a bone
Never Hit an Old Man 5 Points Disrespect your elders
Snip Snip 5 Points Get cut
Grimm Master 2 25 Points Beat the game after getting all the deaths
Headless Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Liberal Animation Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Your Head Essplode! Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Holy Shhhhhh Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 21/30 (120/190 points)


Epic Fail Unlocked 3/20/10
5 Points
Fail 20 times
Farm Massacre Unlocked 3/20/10
5 Points
Kill 20 farmers
Medium Dodger Unlocked 3/20/10
5 Points
Dodge 20 medium high obstacles
Medium Jumper Unlocked 3/20/10
5 Points
Jump 20 medium ground obstacles
Small Dodger Unlocked 3/20/10
5 Points
Dodge 20 small high obstacles
Small Jumper Unlocked 3/20/10
5 Points
Jump 20 small ground obstacles
Fight In The Shade Unlocked 3/20/10
10 Points
Block 20 volleys of arrows
Large Dodger Unlocked 3/23/10
10 Points
Dodge 20 large high obstacles
Large Jumper Unlocked 3/22/10
10 Points
Jump 20 large ground obstacles
Mano-A-Mano Unlocked 3/23/10
10 Points
Block 20 duelists
Trample Mania Unlocked 3/20/10
10 Points
Jump 20 hoplites
Was That a Fly? Unlocked 3/23/10
10 Points
Dodge 20 volleys of arrows
Cover Up Unlocked 3/23/10
25 Points
Unlock all armor
Think Fast! 10 Points Dodge 10 rider attacks
Eat My Dust 25 Points Outrun 10 riders
Cat And Mouse 50 Points Survive 5 minutes in Pursuit
Long Day 50 Points Complete Story mode
Survivor 50 Points Survive 5 minutes in Survival
Hell And Back 100 Points Complete hardcore mode
The Spice Of Life 100 Points Unlock all game modes

Medals Earned: 13/20 (115/500 points)